Assessment Map

Key Words and Meanings - Year 10 Drama
  • Set skills via devising (Comp 1)
    StimuliA starting point, or event that evokes a specific reaction. 
  • Set text for Comp 3 (DNA)
    Traverse stageTheatrical stage in which the audience is predominantly on two sides of the stage, facing towards each other. 
    Proscenium stageA structure of stage at the front of the stage that frames the action of the play. It can be square or arched. 
    Theatre in the roundArena stage, central stage or island stage, completely surrounded by the audience. 
  • Set text for Comp 3 (DNA)
    In-yer-face theatreA style of drama that emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s. 
  • Devising for Comp 1
    GenreA style or category 
  • Devising for Comp 1
  • Performance and Portfolio (Comp 1)
    EvaluateMaking a judgement or assessment about something. 
    AnalyseExamine and explain.