Curriculum: 6th Form

6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 12 Mandarin
Term 1Revision and Family    
Key focus GCSE topic revision Pinyin and tones Strokes and radicals Chinese family structure One Child policy Grammar Pinyin (拼写,声调) Character (部首,笔画,结构)Tense(现在时,过去时,现在进行时,将来时) Basic word order(主谓宾;主语+形容词;时间词的位置; 地点词的位置;状语的位置;) Culture paper: The Founding of the PRC – China in the 19th Century, the fall of the Qing dynasty and the 1911 Revolution
Assessment: September AssessmentKey Words and Terms
Term 2Family and Young People
Key focus Parental expectation and related issues Relationships amongst Chinese families Generation gap Conflicts in the family Young people’s hobbies and interests Grammar Question words & Negative question (不,没/没有,别,不要,不准, 从来不/从来没) Chinese idioms: 画蛇添足,狐假虎威,盲人摸象, Culture paper: The Founding of the PRC – The rise of communism and civil war 1911-1949
Assessment: Culture: Essay based examination Key Words and Terms
Term 3Young People and Education    
Key focus Young people and their peer groups Part time jobs Voluntary work Schools in China and patterns of curriculum Education system School exchange Grammar 把字句 & 被字句;Position words Chinese idioms: 画龙点睛,坐井观天,老马识途 Culture Paper: Chinese economic trends since 1978 – Income disparity and government policy
Assessment: School January assessment Key Words and Terms
Term 4Education and Media   
Key focus Education and training, study pressure, University entry exams, higher education; Role of the media Grammar 的,地,得;着,了,过 Formal register Chinese idioms: 夜郎自大,守株待兔, 四海为家 Culture Paper: Chinese economy and the global economy.
Assessment: Essay Writing & Listening assessment Key Words and Terms
Term 5The Media    
Key focus Power of advertising, the mass media, entertainment and celebrity Grammar Auxiliary words; 才and 就 More Passive structure Formal register Chinese idioms: 拔苗助长,对牛弹琴,纸上谈兵 入乡随俗 Culture Paper: Emerging China: Population, Environment and Migration
Assessment: Speaking and TranslationKey Words and Terms
Term 6Work and Leisure   
Key focus Work and leisure (attitude & balance); work ethic, Time pressure and stress Grammar Comparison sentences; conjuctions Chinese idioms: 入木三分,孺子可教,抛砖引玉 Culture Paper: The changing face of China - Current population trends and Chinese influence on the world stage
Assessment: UCAS Exam Key Words and Terms