Curriculum: Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 Drama
Term 1Set text for Comp 3 (DNA)   
Revision of the play, performance techniques and design elements Differentiating between performer, director and designer. Consideration of interpretation.
Assessment: Mock style questions equal to 45 marks.Key Words and Terms
Term 2 and Term 3Performance from text Comp 2  
Full reading of the play. Playwright’s Meaning (themes, genre, structure, character, form, style, language, stage directions) Characterisation (vocal and physical interpretations) Theatrical conventions introduction to basic design elements (staging, costume, lighting, set, sound) Rehearse and perform multiple extracts from the play. Start to form groups and decide on two extracts per group for the exam. TERM 3 By now, all students should: • Be in groups • Have chosen two extracts from the play • Know their roles • Have gone some way to memorising their lines Application of 20th Century Practitioners to performance (Stanislavski, Brecht, Artaud) Consideration of style and genre, consideration of symbolism.
Assessment: External examiner to visit the school and examine the practical performance in Feb/March. A max. of 48 marks to be awarded. 20% of the whole GCSE.Key Words and Terms
Term 4 and Term 5Set text/live theatre review Comp 3   
Revision and exam practice.
Assessment: Exam paper in May.Key Words and Terms