Curriculum: Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 Spanish
Term 1A currar (Higher course)   
Theme: Future aspirations, study and work. Talking about different jobs. Talking about how to earn money. Talking about work experience. Talking about the importance of learning languages. Applying for a summer job. Discussing gap year. Discussing plans for the future. Grammar: Masculine and feminine nouns. Using soler in present and imperfect tense. Using preterite and imperfect tenses correctly. Using saber and conocer and the present coninous. Using indirect object pronouns. Revising the conditional. Using the subjunctive with cuando. Skills: Listening out for the clue words. Using alternatives to “and”. Using the 24 hour clock.
Assessment: This unit will be assessed in Mock 1Key Words and Terms
Term 2Hacia un mundo mejor (Higher course)   
Theme: International and global dimension. Describing types of houses. Talking about healthy eating. Considering global issues. Talking about global actions. Discussing healthy lifestyles. Talking about international sporting events. Talking about natural disasters. Grammar: Using deberia. Using the present subjunctive. Using the subjunctive in commands. Using the pluperfect tense. Using grammar knowledge in translations. Skills: Presenting a written argument. Giving extended reasons. Using grammar knowledge in translations.
Assessment: This unit will be assessed in Mock 1Key Words and Terms
Term 3De costumbre (Higher course)   
Describing meal times. Talking about illnesses and injuries. Talking about typical foods. Comparing different festivals. Ordering in a restaurant. Talking about a musical festival. What will be covered in the unit? Using reflexive verbs (present tense, perfect tense, preterite tense). Using hay que tener que. Using the passive. Avoiding the passive. Using absolute superlatives. Skills: Spotting irregular verb patterns in the preterite. Inferring meaning in a literary text. Paying attention to question words. Adding interest when narrating a story.
Assessment: This unit will be assessed in Mock 2Key Words and Terms
Term 4Repaso    
Revision: Module1: pages 132, 133 200. Module 2: pages 134, 135, 201. Module 3: pages 136, 137,202. Module 4: pages 138, 139, 203. Focusing in the speaking exam: techniques, key vocab, key tenses.
Assessment: Mock exam Key Words and Terms
Term 5Revision and GCSE speaking exam. Exam techniques and key vocabulary.   
Module 5: 190, 191, 204. Module 6: 192, 193, 205. Module 7:194,195, 206. Module 8: 196,197, 207. General conversation questions.
Assessment: GCSE speaking examKey Words and Terms