Curriculum: Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 Music
Term 1Introduction to Performing and Composition   
In this unit, students will complete Step Up to GCSE theory and focus on Area of Study One - My Instrument. They will also explore Area of Study Two - Concerto Through Time and look at the main elements of music that exist in all AOS.
Assessment: Students will complete a listening test and regular smaller tests on theory.Key Words and Terms
Term 2AOS4 - Film MusicAOS5 - Conventions of Pop   
Students will look at the development of film music and the role music has when creating an atmosphere or mood. They will also look at conventions of popular music through performance.
Assessment: Students will complete two pieces of assessment. This will be a listening paper based on AOS2, AOS4 and AOS5. They will also take part in Solo Performance Seminar 1.Key Words and Terms
Term 4AOS4 - Music for GamingAOS1- My Instrument   
Students will look at how music impacts on games and the use of motifs in game and film music. They will also continue with AO1, developing their instrumental skills.
Assessment: Students will complete work on a piece of music for a game.Key Words and Terms
Term 3AOS1 - My MusicAOS2 - Concerto Through Time   
Students will continue to develop skills in their performance work and look at how the concerto developed in the Classical and Romantic period.
Assessment: Solo Performance Seminar 2 Listening Test on AOS1, AOS2, AOS 4Key Words and Terms
Term 5AOS2 - Concerto Through TimeAOS3 - Rhythms of the WorldAOS1 - My Music   
Students will continue to focus on Concerto Through Time and begin to look at how rhythms are used differently in world music. They will also continue to work on their solo performance work.
Assessment: Students will be assessed through a listening paper at the end of the term and composition work will be monitored. Key Words and Terms
Term 6AOS 4 - Film MusicAOS 3 - Rhythms of the World   
Students will continue to learn in more depth about Film Music and Rhythms of the world as well as work towards completing their first composition and Performance Seminar 3.
Assessment: Composition One will be assessed - worth 15% of final grade Solo Performance Seminar Three will take place with students recording their solo piece. Mock Listening Exam covering AOS2, AOS3, AOS4, AOS5.Key Words and Terms