Curriculum: Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Guide - Year 8 Mandarin
Term 1School    
Students recap previously learned content from year 7. They will also learn to talk about school subjects and ask questions using question word 什么 and to be able to express preferences in school learning.
Assessment: Listening and Reading: listen to and read vocabulary, short sentences in familiar context then answer in English. Key Words and Terms
Term 2Food and drink   
Students learn to talk about different kinds of food, what they like and dislike, and what they want to eat using 想 and to be able to ask other's preferences in a familiar context.
Assessment: Listening, Reading and Translation Key Words and Terms
Term 3Holidays    
To be able to talk about holidays including different time frames and to use the past time marker to talk about what they did during their holiday, linking to various destinations.
Assessment: Speaking: students will be asked to prepare answers for a list of questions, using present and past time frames. The teacher will randomly pick a few sentences to test the students individually. Key Words and Terms
Term 4All about me    
To be able to use adjectives to describe appearances; To be understand and express ideas about furniture and type of rooms; To be able to talk about clothing and daily routine by using the past time frame.
Assessment: Reading and writing: to read short sentences and paragraphs in Mandarin and answer questions in English. Students are asked to write a short passage within the topic learnt. Key Words and Terms
Term 5Where do you live?   
To be able to understand and express places found in a town/city; To be able to use prepositions and to talk about future plans linking to the places and countries learnt.
Assessment: Hurdle tests practice Key Words and Terms
Term 6Hurdle tests   
Students to revise and to become familiarise with the hurdle tests and to practise online in preparation for the online Listening and Reading hurdle tests.
Assessment: Hurdle tests: students to take the Mandarin Excellence Programme hurdle tests, including speaking, writing, listening and reading (listening and reading tests are online tests)Key Words and Terms